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LgMar is a Leading Shipping Software Company

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About LgMar

LGMAR is a software company founded by a team of dedicated experts in computer science and maritime business, to develop highly specialized software in the area of telecommunications.

LGMAR is recognized as a leading company in communications software with over 400 installations and more than 4,000 users of its products. Clients are based mainly in Greece, but also in a number of other countries, mostly in the Shipping related section (Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Brokers, Ship Agents, Operators, Banks, Insurance Brokers, Manning Agents, Transport Companies, etc.)

Telix Introduced Electronic Messaging in Shipping
Supporting Shipping Companies (400 Installation - 4000 users) in Greece and Worldwide (18 Countries), from USA up to China and Australia
LgSupport is successfully assisting our customers since 1989
Innovative Development Team, Researching and Delivering New Features adding Business Value
A Team of Dedicated Experts, Specialized in Shipping business, Information and Communications Technology

LGMAR's main product, wTELiX, introduced electronic messaging to the maritime industry and has become synonymous to Message Management. Built on the solid base of the Unix/Linux operating system with a user interface under MS-Windows, it is a sophisticated albeit user friendly application, offering the most advanced tools for volume message handling.

A number of additional software products have been developed to satisfy, facilitate and support the needs and requirements of LGMAR's continuously increasing client base. Adaptive to the latest technological developments, they encompass the best out of new ideas, with the criteria of simplicity and customer satisfaction.

The LGMAR suite includes functionality for: Fleet Tracking and Performance Monitoring, Vessels' Position List, Orders List, Cargo/Port/Company Information, Voyage Estimation, Investment Appraisal, Laytime Calculation, Vessels Sale and Purchase, Message AutoRead, Remote Access, Archiving, etc.

Most essentially, LGMAR's virus-safe software products are trouble free in their use under any workload conditions. They are supported by an efficient team of experienced programmers and maritime experts, ensuring a high level of after sales "total care" service and a fast, reliable operation.