Browsing our older messages since 1989 we found some interesting facts about the evolution and pricing of messaging and email for Shipping.

Cost of a 1.000 character message The cost for transmitting a telex message in 1990 was $8.81 (Network World Magazine, August 1990). 

Telix dropped the cost of the same message to $0.60 (BIMCOM price list 1991).

The following years the cost further dropped to $0.17 (COMTEXT price list 1996).

By 1999 most of the maritime companies were using Telix and Internet to transmit messages without any cost.

Telix continues to lead the shipping messaging ever since.

Telix introduced electronic messaging to the maritime industry in 1989 and stood in the forefront of this evolution.  Whether we create Omni web client, iTelix mobile, Positions, Fleet, Orders, SnP or user collaboration, we have in mind the needs and wants of our customers and not technology alone. We value input from users, encompass the best of their new ideas, create and adapt technology aiming to simplicity, usability and customer satisfaction.

Although we like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past, we thought it would be interesting sharing a brief part of email history for shipping.

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