LgPList Marketplace Add-on

Telix now offers the ability to show additional vessel positions to enrich market information available to ship brokers using LgPList.  Most brokers rely on their own incoming messages for vessel positions but this Telix add-on will provide additional positions from a Digital Shipping Marketplace even from messages you never received.


LgMAR and SHIPNEXT - a Digital Shipping Marketplace, have formed a partnership to provide TELiX users with an additional option which further improves LgMAR Shipbroking Suite with information over and above of those in their in house system. This brings the shipping and chartering world to a new dimension which majority of the companies were long looking for - digital interconnectivity.


The following technologies work in tandem to further empower shipbrokers which will, as has been proof-tested, become some much more efficient in managing their workflow:

  • AutoRead© can silently scan all your incoming messages and translate these to vessel positions, useful information appropriately commented and classified.
  • LgPList© is assisting brokers to manage information related to vessels and positions. Information from incoming messages are immediately available to all users. Examine your data by type, date, size, area, commissions, source, account, etc and summarize to a report, a message or a circular list ready to be forwarded.
  • Shipnext is a Digital Shipping Marketplace and Freight Management Platform, that provides instant data and e-mail processing, instant Cargo-to-Ship matching, freight trading and contract management, digital documentation flow, freight finance and supply chain management solutions.

Windows Telix suite of products is the leading maritime Message Management System that introduced electronic messaging in shipping. Windows Telix suite includes functionality for: Fleet Tracking and Performance Monitoring, Vessels' Position List, Orders List, Cargo/Port/Company Information, Voyage Estimation, Investment Appraisal, Laytime Calculation, Vessels Sale and Purchase, Message AutoRead, Remote Access, Archiving, etc


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