According to a recent global survey, 45 percent of internet users reported that
they avoided opening e-mails from unknown e-mail addresses.

Telix offers a powerful address book that will automatically recognize unknown senders. Address book quickies assist users to update with one or many email addresses at once. Telix inform users with:

ŒŒŒ1 Addressee is marked as Unknown
2 The round greyed question mark indicates an unknown sender
3 Recognized messages are tagged with the addressee short code in CAPITAL letters.

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A great enhancement requested by Telix users.  Documents add-on will allow to file, manage and use company and personal documents such as:

Company filing, vessel forms, checklists, reference and technical documents, phones, lists, catalogues, guides, contracts, charter party proformas or signed, MOA, clauses, specifications,  photos,  vessel plans, on site visits, crew lists and passports/certificates, templates, company applications, useful links, company news and updates.


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With this new feature users are able to automate email tasks (i.e. filing/folders, alarms, follow me, flags, tag with words etc).  Email rules may be set for incoming and/or outgoing message.

To set a rule from WT3 menu select: Tools | Rules:

Each user may set her/his own rules independently from other users. Your Telix administrator may set rules that affect all users (i.e. place a message to a department).

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One more great usability enhancement requested by Telix users.  Telix will sense and filter accordingly all duplicate incoming messages to save you valuable time.

Most users take advantage of the powerful Telix feature that allows to view more than one department and mailboxes seemingly, in one go.  Nevertheless whenever senders sent the same email to more than one mailboxes you may end up with duplicate messages.

Telix will exclude such duplicate messages (i.e. sent to personal/operations/technical or sent to personal/chartering/info) and filter any unnecessary duplicates.

Auto exclude for duplicates may be turned on/off per user or company and allow to fine tune every case and need in your company.

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We have been busy, listening to our user’s wish list and making the iTelix App even better!
You may upgrade the free application iTelix from iTunes or Google Play stores to enjoy the new features and enhancements.

What is new in the latest iTelix App:

  • Text avatars with vibrant colors will assist users to quickly identify the senders of the messages.
  • Emails from unknown parties (i.e. not in your address book) will stand out with a ? (question mark) to spot those messages easier.
  • The message list now includes the beginning of the email message. Along with the subject and the sender information this feature will allow easier quick browsing of your messages.
  • You may now receive notifications for every single new email to your device, even when the iTelix App is not in use.
  • Users may customize notifications to suite their individual needs: You may receive summary notifications for your incoming messages and/or detailed, turn sounds on/off, choose whether notifications about messages are shown in locked screen or not.
  • Alarms may be selected as the default message list for iTelix app. Use WT3, Tools, Alarm management to enable. Your mobile device will present alarms as instant notifications to keep you informed even when you are not using the iTelix Application.
  • Tap and hold the message list to enable selecting multiple messages. You may delete, mark as own, mark as seen, mark as unseen using the icons at the bottom of the screen.
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Search in TELiX is already blazing fast and versatile; we added the quick search feature requested by TELiX users to allow easier search for any word within a message.

Quick search is conveniently placed on top of every message catalog and will rapidly search within messages of the specific message catalog.

Use the quick search to find any word in messages, subject, addressee etc. Add more words (i.e. search within a list of found messages) to narrow down to the exact messages you need.

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A great usability enhancement requested by TELiX users who needed a local copy of their messages to take away.

Offline mode allows WT3 users to store on their PC a selected group of messages (i.e. last week/month/etc) and review these later while on the go without an Internet connection.

You may search, open, view, print your offline messages anywhere/anytime by opening WT3 in offline mode.


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A great usability enhancement requested by TELiX users. Floating Windows allows working simultaneously with several messages in one or more screens.

You may view one or more messages and at the same time prepare the fixture recap to a new message. WT3 offers complete freedom to move your messages around the screen, event to a different screen, anywhere it suits you!


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Email for shipping is different in many aspects from generic email needs. TELiX already covers the specific needs/wants of a ship owing company but some features are like hidden gems:

  • Message status for vessel recipients
  • SMS gateway for important (i.e. distress call) messages
  • Serialized messages to Vessels
  • Auto zip for attachments
  • Vessel tracking and performance monitoring
  • Smoothly and reliably integrated
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