Email for shipping is different in many aspects from generic email needs. TELiX already covers the specific needs/wants of a ship owing company but some features are like hidden gems:

  • Message status for vessel recipients
  • SMS gateway for important (i.e. distress call) messages
  • Serialized messages to Vessels
  • Auto zip for attachments
  • Vessel tracking and performance monitoring
  • Smoothly and reliably integrated

Message status for vessel recipients
TELiX follows up message delivery to a vessel, featuring full message reconciliation with services like Maritel, Telaurus and others. Ensure that a message was actually delivered to your vessel.

SMS gateway for important (i.e. distress call) messages
Not every incoming email has the same importance and TELiX makes sure that for those very important messages you will be notified via an instant SMS message as well.

Serialized messages to Vessels
Ensure your vessel recipients that all messages were received in order. Messages to vessels may be numbered in sequence per vessel and provide the opportunity to the captain to immediately get alerted about a missing message.  

Auto zip for attachments
With TELiX it is easy for your users to send smaller messages, resulting to less email traffic and lower bills.

Vessel tracking and performance monitoring
LgFleet® is tracking vessel movements, monitors fleet performance, takes care of noon reports, relieves you from data entry, and assists operators to turn data into useful and valuable reports and graphs

Smoothly and reliably integrated
The exclusive features above work in tandem with TELiX messaging management system along with other features frequently used by ship owners like: Company and department filing, vessel and project classification, fast and reliable remote access, Telex and Fax management (including full image editing).

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