According to a recent global survey, 45 percent of internet users reported that
they avoided opening e-mails from unknown e-mail addresses.

Telix offers a powerful address book that will automatically recognize unknown senders. Address book quickies assist users to update with one or many email addresses at once. Telix inform users with:

ŒŒŒ1 Addressee is marked as Unknown
2 The round greyed question mark indicates an unknown sender
3 Recognized messages are tagged with the addressee short code in CAPITAL letters.

Keep your Telix address book, up to date by taking advantage of shortcuts like:

  • Update an existing addressee from any message
  • Right click on any email address to create a new Company in the address book
  • Members are linked to companies and allow to manage multiple persons, departments, roles and personal contact details for any of your correspondents.
  • Paste to “Smart Load” any copied text (i.e. directly form a web page) and Telix will automatically find out new email addresses and add these to your address book and/or circular lists.
  • Keep your contacts organized by Type, Group, City and define your own Tags (i.e. per project).
  • Maintain your Customer Relationship Management relevant (CRM) information per Company or per person along with skype call, google maps and business notes available for quick search. Show messages from or to relevant correspondent while in address book.
  • Your circular lists work in tandem with your address book to create or update lists on the quickly and target to the specific audience.

We welcome your ideas and requests for new Telix functionality and usability at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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