# Title Description File
1 iTelixPlus
Major Upgrade
The new iTelixPlus is redesigned with: quick search while in the list, powerful and easier full search, lightning fast, slide left-right to do more from the list, speed view your messages, meaningful autocomplete where needed, manage your saved selections, turn notifications on/off, easier classification, new powerful message editor for good looking messages, Address book for Company/Members, fully integrated with Telix suite, dark mode and more.. Download
  Update Jan-2023 Whats new: Badge for Outgoing messages in list, order message list to show older messages first, quick search is now relevant to current list, spelling check, predictive text while typing, auto-capitalize first letter of sentence, better show recipients while viewing/ sending a message. Download
2 iOS notifications How to manage your iTELiX notifications with iOS devices, iPhone, iPad etc Download
3 Android notifications How to manage your iTELiX notifications with Android devices (i.e. Marshmallow 6.0.1) Download
4 TouchScreen Gestures You may use your iTELiX application by performing gestures on the touchscreen. These gestures are a great shortcut, make the use of your mobile device easier and enhance your productivity and sense of using iTelix application. Some of the most popular gestures are: swipe for next/previous message, refresh for new messages, read message with text to speech. Download
5 iTelix Previous updates Text avatars with vibrant colors, select multiple messages, text to speech, direct phone call from your iTelix address book, touch screen gestures, print messages from your phone, Click here
6 iTelix update Message classification, Address book notes (F5 F6 F7) and a fresh search menu Download
7 iTelix update Better user experience for new messages, take photo and attach, save draft messages for offline use, improved use with weak cell signal Download
7 Working with Nextcloud iPhone users that already have a working Nextcloud app may use browse to attach files to
messages. You just need to enable browsing for Nextcloud by following these instructions.