# Title Description File
1 Autocomplete for frequently used text Use autocomplete to speedup preparing messages and avoid the hassle of typing similar text again and again. Download
 2 Quick preview for image and pdf attachments Quick and easy: Place your mouse over the attached image or pdf for a preview of the related attachment.  Adding to related attachment functions like: one click download all, drag and drop, copy/paste, auto include in forward, exclude in reply, search for attachment. Download
3 Drag and drop to new message Use drag and drop to add an attachment from and email to a new message. Likewise, to add an email as an attachment to a new message. Download
4 Reminders for Personal Flags Adding a personal flag to a message, is a handy feature that allows users to mark messages for follow up and to-do actions. You may mark any message by selecting the flag icon or pressing shortcut keys mf (Message Flag).  
Set a reminder for a pop-up alert at the selected date/time by clicking on “When to follow up”.
5 Hot Areas – Click to Save Time Certain areas on screen may change color or present a tooltip while hovering over with your mouse. These hot areas will lead you to time saving functionality; a few are mentioned in this quick guide. Download
6 New Message Notifications Use “Tools | Notifications Options” to get notified for new messages. Brief and non-obstructive notifications appear in the lower right corner of your desktop screen. Download
7 Quick Add Email Address from Message You may easily update your address book directly from an incoming message. Just right click on the email address bubble as shown in this brief guide. Download
8 Spelling check for any language OMNi automatically checks the spelling of words.  A brief guide on how to use and how to add languages/dictionaries to Firefox or Chrome. Download
9 Strong Security Telix security is galvanized after 30+ years of operation and thousands of users. OMNi is adding up to the secure environment of Telix with the these features Download
10 Drag to Folder via Search Tab One more great usability enhancement requested by Telix users: You may file messages to any folder right away from the Search Tab. Download
11 Avoid unknown e-mail addresses Better email security with automatic sender recognition. Telix offers a powerful address book that will automatically recognize unknown senders. Download
12 More than one Search Tabs Keep a Search Tab, working with more than one Search Tabs. Tips and best practices from Omni users about search. Download
13 Shared Calendars Share a calendar and collaborate with a closed group on schedule events and busy time, keep track of a meeting room availability, plan a trip and related meetings, office presence/on-leave, receive reminders in the office and your mobile device on the go. Download
14 Attention Texts for Messages Colored attention texts assist users to focus on specific messages. Some attention labels may warn users for external or unknown senders, spam, attachments etc. Other attention labels may notify for important senders, positions, orders, vessels etc. Download
15 Insert an Omni document in your message While editing an email message you may easily insert in-place any Omni document. Typing Alt-I will prompt for the Title, type at least one word from the title and select from the list. Download
16 SmartLoad to add your recipients Adding one or more recipients to your message is very easy with Omni. With our latest enhancement just copy/paste any text including email addresses in the To: line and SmartLoad will automatically distinguish recipients. Download
17 Stay Secure – Change your Password How to change your password with Omni and some tips for secure passwords. Download
18 Sanitize received messages Secure received messages with HTML Sanitizer. Download
19 Telix Usage Statistics for Telix Administrators. Graphs and lists about incoming/outgoing messages, user logins, per period/group and more... Download
20 Vertical Grid Message List

This new message view list, is focused on users that would like the flexibility to select desired columns in the message list and their message on the right side of the screen.