LGMAR's main product, TELiX, introduced electronic messaging to the maritime industry in 1989 and has become synonymous to Message Management. Built on the solid base of the Unix/Linux operating system with a user interface under MS-Windows, it is a sophisticated albeit user friendly application, offering the most advanced tools for volume message handling.

A number of additional software products have been developed to satisfy, facilitate and support the needs and requirements of LgMAR's continuously increasing client base. Adaptive to the latest technological developments, they encompass the best out of new ideas, with the criteria of simplicity and customer satisfaction. The LgMAR suite includes functionality for: Fleet Tracking and Performance Monitoring, Vessels' Position List, Orders List, Cargo/Port/Company Information, Voyage Estimation, Investment Appraisal, Laytime Calculation, Vessels Sale and Purchase, Message AutoRead, Remote Access, Archiving, etc.

Most essentially, LgMAR's virus-safe software products are trouble free in their use under any workload conditions. They are supported by an efficient team of experienced programmers and maritime experts, ensuring a high level of after sales "total care" service and a fast, reliable operation.

Some of our Solutions:

  • OMNi
    Omni is the web interface for Telix; the web collaboration client to manage emails, contacts, circulars, shared documents, calendar, reminders, filing. Omni enables maritime users to collaborate efficiently with a sleek, fast and easy to use interface. Every function of Telix is included with Omni and even more. Omni teams up with WT3, WT2 and iTelix App to improve user experience with your existing Telix message management system.
  • wTELiX
    Part of the TELiX  suite of products, the leading maritime message management system that introduced electronic messaging in shipping. wTELiX  is offering a user friendly, intuitive interface for email, fax, telex, SMS, drag and drop company and personal filing, extensive classification, remote access, and a plethora of company and personal tools to handle your messaging and communications.
  • iTELiX
    The mobile power of wTELiX. Synchronize with your office on the go. Review incoming messages, respond to important and urgent messages on time from your mobile device.
  • AutoRead®
    Silently scans all incoming messages and translates them to orders and vessel positions, structured information appropriately commented and classified.
  • LgPList
    Manage your vessel and position information using flexible queries and combined search on any piece of useful information; prepare and communicate your circulars with a few clicks.
  • LgOrders
    Assists brokers to manage orders and cargoes by type, date, size, origin, destination, commissions, source, account, etc, summarize to a report, a message or a circular list for sending.
  • LgSNP
    Contains rich functionality focused on the short and long term needs of the S&P brokers. It takes less than a minute to examine all Sale and Purchase enquiries out of thousand messages. Flexible and fast queries assist Shipbrokers to immediately advise their clients on how to take advantage of the best opportunities
  • LgFleet
    Tracks vessel movements, monitors fleet performance, takes care of noon reports, relieves you from data entry, and assists operators to turn data into useful and valuable information. Working in tandem with the Windows Telix suite and LgMar Ports Database with more than 10.000 names of ports, synonyms and other details, in order to offer a comprehensive ship-management tool.
  • SeaMailer®
    Outoing email service for your email messages and circular lists.
  • PiNFO – Ports Information System – 6,500+ ports, countries, areas.
  • CiNFO – Companies Information System, fixtures, charterers, brokers.
  • LgENA – Electronic Numeric Application, Voyage Estimation, Invesment Appraisal for Shipping, Laytime Calculation, Price Comparisons.
  • WT2 – The Windows Message Interface
  • Telix Classic – The Legacy Message Interface