Windows Telix Suite
On The Go with iTelixPlus for iPhone and Android


With iTELiX App you may stay in touch on the go. Review incoming messages, respond to important and urgent messages on time. We designed an easy and efficient user interface focused on the road warrior needs.
Remote access to your office and emails using your iPhone or Android device. Check your messages and use all addressee details such as contacts, phones, addresses and notes. Reviewed messages and your remote work are synchronized on the go and immediately available back in the office.

Download the free application iTelix from iTunes or Google Play stores to work remotely with the same familiar look and feel you expect from all LgMAR applications and more:


Ultra-fast and reliable even with weak connections.

Easy to use gestures to open, mark, delete, zoom, select, format and more.

  Quick search in the list and powerfull full search, both lightning fast

Useful and clear notifications about new messages, alarms activated from your phone

Select between messages of high interest, VIP senders, urgent projects or everything

  Manage your message lists and favorite selections

  Powerful message editor for good looking messages

 Classifications, tags and full integration with Telix suite.

Print messages from your phone

Text to speech, your phone will read aloud your incoming messages

Phone calls directly from your Telix address book

 Dark mode and more personalizations



iTelixPlus Major Update available, click here for the new features: iTelixPlus New Features

The new iTelixPlus is redesigned with: quick search while in the list, powerful and easier full search, lightning fast, slide left-right to do more from the list, speed view your messages, meaningful autocomplete where needed, manage your saved selections, turn notifications on/off, easier classification, new powerful message editor for good looking messages, Address book for Company/Members, fully integrated with Telix suite, dark mode and more.



 The links above are for the new iTelixPlus. For the older version follow the links below



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