Our SeaMailer® Service is now available for your email messages and circular lists, specially developed for TELiX. Single messages or large circulars of any size are forwarded via a number of servers situated on the backbone of Internet to their final recipients. They are sent extremely fast, bypassing local providers’ delays, size and content restrictions, spam lists, limits on number of messages. For example a circular list of 2,000 messages can be delivered in less than 60 seconds to their final destinations.

One month free trial period, a minimal monthly fee and one month’s notice if you no longer require the service, comprise a very economical and attractive package, ready to assist you in today’s aggressive business environment, where every second counts.

SeaMailer® comes with an accurate, real-time reporting system so that you can easily monitor your emails with tables and graphs and query their status on-line.

Furthermore, the whole system is being monitored by network specialists in order to make sure that there will be no delays or failures to your messages.

Learn more about this service by visiting SeaMailer's website.

Update! We recently upgraded our SeaMailer service and partnered with a dedicated professional email service provider for shipping/maritime companies to offer the following additional benefits:
Upgrade to a pool of dozens of outgoing mail servers for faster email delivery and strong fault tolerance and reliability. Messages will be delivered faster and the service will gain an "always on" up time.
Full integration and compatibility with Telix. Access to your mail panel will allow you to review your outgoing emails for every single message, per circular or in total.
Daily updates for your outgoing messages will assist you to make sense of your outgoing email traffic.