Windows Telix WT3
The leading maritime message management system that
introduced electronic messaging in shipping

WT3 is offering a user friendly, intuitive interface for email, fax, telex, sms, drag and drop company and personal filing, extensive classification, remote access,  a plethora of company and personal tools to handle your messaging and communications. Quarterly updates with new usability features.

  • Super fast search. Retrieve any information rapidly and accurately.
  • Freedom to work and open simultaneously multiple messages, positions, orders, fleet reports, replies, recaps, address books, classifications, alarms.
  • Work remotely without the need of additional expenses for remote operation software/servers and licenses.
  • Viewers and editors for text, HTML, fax, telex, combination of text and images, multilingual messages (as many and any language). Change any view to your needs/preferences.
  • Electronic filing, extensive classification, departments, vessel and project, keywords, QueryWords, free Text.  Drag and drop company and personal classification in folders.
  • The wTELiX powerful address book, integrated with sender recognition and management.
  • Circulars, mail lists, multiple, predetermined and on the fly lists.
  • Powerful and secure engine with auto filtering-rules, white and black Lists, message alarms, message flags, maritime extensions, and detailed access rights.
  • wTelix software suite for Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, 2012, 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, Parallels, VMware Workstation/Fusion.
  • Designed with shipping experience for the international maritime community. Relevant support by experts experienced in shipping.

LgMAR is a software company founded by a team of dedicated experts in computer science and maritime business, to develop highly specialized software in the area of telecommunications.
LgMAR is recognized as a leading company in communications software with over 400 installations and more than 4,000 users of its products. Clients are based mainly in Greece, but also in a number of other countries, mostly in the Shipping related section (Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Brokers, Ship Agents, Operators, Banks, Insurance Brokers, Manning Agents, Transport Companies, etc.)