Seawave Maritime has embraced the cloud-based TELiX platform for their operations

Seawave Maritime is a young shipbroking company, created in 2016, but with vast experience in the shortsea and handy size markets, as brokers, owners and managers. The company is based in Naples, Italy, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea where they have been serving our local and international clients for many years.

Seawave maritime is completely independent of any ship owning or charterers/operators company. Their mission is to provide a tailor-made service giving extraordinary professionalism, providing 24/7 support to clients with the aim of building long term relationships based on trust and accurate information.

Recognizing the limitations of their generic email system that failed to align with shipbrokers' working patterns, Seawave Maritime sought an alternative solution. Their evaluation led them to the comprehensive Telix Shipbroking suite, which encompasses collaborative tools, shared company folders, a common address book, unlimited circular lists integrated with the address book, a modern web interface, document management capabilities, a company calendar, and a fast-accurate email search feature.

Armando Scotto Lavina, the general manager of Seawave Maritime, expresses his satisfaction, stating, "Shipbroking collaboration has surpassed our expectations through the utilization of the TELiX Platform. From the impressive suite of software options offered by LgMAR, we have selected the TELiX OMNi web application, the Position List Shipbroking module, and the convenient iTELiX mobile application. The technical support team at LgMAR Software consistently provides prompt and helpful responses to our inquiries, making our cooperation with them an absolute pleasure."

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A Robust Solution for Users in Greece and Lebanon

Blue Fleet Group has been a market player since 1996, active in various branches of the shipping industry and constantly expanding its services to its clients. They operate from their offices in Greece and Lebanon and their services include Chartering, Operations and S&P.

Roy Khoury took over his father’s business, who had established one of the first shipping companies in Lebanon, back in 1961. This ongoing family business has also welcomed Cherif Khoury in 2012, who has completed his bachelor in Maritime Business and Maritime Law at Plymouth UK, as well as his Master's in Shipping, Trade and Finance at CASS Business School London. After twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Blue Fleet Group acquired the control of over 30 vessels on an exclusive basis, carrying more than 3,000,000 tons of cargo yearly on international routes. Today, the Group occupies a significant position in the market, reflected by noticeable long-term relationships with first class charterers, ensuring constant employment to its fleet. Blue Fleet Group is the exclusive broker of the United Group Offshore Lebanon.

Bluefleet Group successfully adopted TELiX in 2006 and is currently leveraging all its features including the Shipbroking suite modules, the iTELiX mobile application and recently OMNi, the web version of TELiX email collaboration suite.

Cherif Khoury, head of the chartering department, emphasizes the group's belief in building a solid foundation on stable ground. He states, "LgMAR is continuously evolving, always keen to go the extra mile on maritime needs. TELiX closely aligns with the shipping industry's advancements, providing the solid foundation for email and collaboration. Over the course of our fruitful partnership, LgMAR has definitely earned our trust and our highest recommendations."

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Streamline Your Daily Operations with the TELiX Shipbroking Suite

Tryton Shipbroking was founded in 2008 to provide Dry Cargo Chartering services. The team has more than 20 years active presence in the industry with strong track records in Dry Cargo Chartering and the vision to be a leading broking firm with worldwide recognition based on existing quality of work. Tryton is specialized in chartering Panamax and Kamsarmax vessels & cargoes and maintains strong/long relationship with Owners, Charterers & operators both in Greek & international markets.

Tryton Shipbroking cooperates with LgMAR Software using the TELiX Platform since 2008, since the day the company was founded. The team uses the email collaboration basic TELiX Platform and the TELiX Shipbroking module regarding the positions, the LgPList to manage information related to vessels and positions and the iTELiX application that contains rich features for all the mobile devices.

Since its founding in 2008, Tryton Shipbroking has forged a successful collaboration with LgMAR Software, utilizing the powerful TELiX Platform. The dedicated team relies on the email collaboration feature of the TELiX Platform and leverage the LgPList module to effectively handle vessel information and positions. To further enhance accessibility and convenience, their team utilizes the iTELiX application, which provides rich functionality tailored for all mobile devices. This comprehensive suite of tools enables Tryton to efficiently manage operations and deliver exceptional service to clients.

Jan Ioannou from Tryton Shipbroking acknowledges the demands of everyday shipping business tasks, which require swift management of a substantial volume of information and timely responses to associates' needs. Jan considers Telix collaboration system is an essential tool for Tryton since it has played a critical role for their daily operations. Last but not least, he expresses his deep satisfaction for the unwavering support provided by the LgMAR tech support team, emphasizing their invaluable partnership cultivated over the years.

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A long term and successful relationship
lead to effectiveness and early adoption of maritime email innovations

Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc, established in 1988 is an international ship management company and one of the world’s leading operators, managing as agents only a modern dry bulk fleet of currently 9 vessels with an average age of 7 years and a total cargo carrying capacity of about 550,000 dwt.

The panamax, supramax & handysize vessels under management are able to trade worldwide in a multitude of trade routes carrying a wide range of dry cargoes such us iron ore, coal, grains, bauxite, fertilizers, agriproducts & steel products. Meadway Shipping Team is consisting of highly qualified in-house chartering brokers, commercial operators, superintendent and technical engineers with decades of experience is able to offer reliable and efficient services in the most demanding market needs.  Meadway Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 2011 and has since then developed into a leading operator of dry bulk cargoes and vessels, with trading activities all over the world. Meadway Shipping DMCC in Dubai, the new branch of Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc, started its operations in July 2018.

Meadway Shipping uses the Telix Platform since 1990, more than thirty years. The company has followed all the Telix Platform innovative roadmap and evolution through the years and was the first to embrace the most recent version, OMNi Telix (web version). The several locations of the company Athens, Singapore, Dubai and the mobility of the users of the company require flexibility and immediate access to their emails. OMNi Telix and iTelix, the mobile application, meet those requirements effectively and efficiently.

“We have a long-term and successful relationship with LgMAR for many years. Telix has been the most significant tool for our daily email communication and collaboration handling a daily average of 15,000 to 19,000 messages for our Athens, Sigapore and Dubai teams through a common cloud based Telix server. Both LgMAR team and Telix platform have always been responsive, reliable and ready to satisfy our requirements.” says Konstantinos Kazantzoglou, Meadway Shipping IT Manager.

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Telix meets the demanding requirements
for business, security and performance
as stipulated by an international transport organization.

SCAC Shipping, located in France, has over 150 years of dry-bulk brokerage and maritime expertise. SCAC Shipping shipbrokers are specialized in chartering of bulk carriers, ranging from mini-bulkers to Panamax size, trading worldwide. SCAC is part of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, a major international transport and logistics operator with 35,000 employees across 109 countries on 5 continents.

Their clients are international trading houses, industrial companies, ship-owners and operators. Acting on behalf of their principals, they engage their knowledge and analysis of the market to find and offer them the best shipping solutions to cover their needs. SCAC Shipping negotiates contracts of affreightment either voyage or time-charter basis between ship-owners and charterers. Following closely the dry bulk freight market, SCAC Shipping can accurately advise their clients how to optimize freight and to maximize profits. The chartering and operations teams offer customers a close and tailor-made service.

SCAC Shipping has selected TELiX by LgMAR in order to replace an obsolete email management system that not only could not provide the fast, reliable and useful business results of TELiX platform but it also would not allow the organization to update their hardware equipment. LgMAR Software successfully performed the migration from the old system to the TELiX platform and welcomed the IT extensive security requirements of BOLLORÉ PORTS, the group of companies SCAC Shipping belongs to, which were effectively delivered and performed.

“It was the wisest choice to migrate from our old system to Telix which definitely meets our demanding business tasks. Telix and LgMAR helpdesk perfectly aligned with our organization IT strict security requirements and regulations” says Nathalie Thibaud, Senior Shipbroker/ Chartering Manager of SCAC Shipping"

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A thorough selection process and preparations by
an experienced team result to
a successful email collaboration system and happy users.

NAVARONE attends a wide fleet of handy, handymax and supramax vessels. NAVARONE was established in 1970 and currently has its head office in Athens, Greece.

With more than 40 years of experience and expertise NAVARONE S.A. is well known to the Shipping Industry and enjoys a high reputation amongst fellow companies for its strong integrity and professionalism. The company’s core objectives are the prudent, professional and based on highest HSQE standards management, aiming firstly at seamen’ safety, strict compliance with all international rules and regulations and great emphasis to environmental aspects. As a consequence of its contribution to an extensive New Build program over the last years, Navarone has established itself as one of the key players of the international Bulk Carriers market.

Navarone needed a modern and more efficient email maritime message management system. With more than 50 experienced users, the expectations from a new system were high, the selection process was rigorous, the disruption to their every day work had to be minimal and they needed to migrate a multi-year email history and several thousands of contact details. LgMAR managed to deal with this challenge successfully and the smooth migration from the old system to the Telix platform has been one of the key factors for the fruitful adoption of the new email system. Users were trained in small groups to better serve personal needs/wants. The process followed a carefully prepared plan on how Navarone departments would efficiently operate according to best practices in maritime with Telix. LgMAR on-site helpdesk team provided meaningful assistance and guided each user to take advantage of the new collaboration features and modern tools.

“We had to thoroughly evaluate several systems before deciding to move to the Telix Platform. Our previous email filling structure was complex, based on a vertical departmental/case system with interconnected accessibility and extensive archive of old email messages that had to be partially migrated and restructured. We selected a platform that could combine modern web features, mobility, security and still let our users feel a maritime familiarity. LgMAR team proved to be experienced, maritime market knowledgeable and true professionals in their field; migration was completed smoothly for all users/accounts and the deployment plan was kept with in the iron triangle. OMNi Telix is a well-designed application, support is always on our side and we are more than happy for our decision.” says Konstantinos Sakellakos, Nanarone CIO.

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Doric Shipbrokers is using TELiX Shipbrokers Suite to automatically track vessels, positions, orders and manage a large amount of messages in Chartering and SnP


Doric Shipbrokers S.A was established in Greece in 1994 as a comprehensive dry cargo brokering company. The company represents numerous Ship Owners trading their vessels worldwide, as well as cargo interests, predominantly in the Dry Cargo sector.

Doric, believing that the best vision is insight, focuses on accumulating knowledge, sharpening skills to better serve its clients and maintaining integrity and ethics in the shipping industry.

Doric Shipbrokers has selected TELiX Shipbrokers Suite by LgMAR to achieve its goals, to improve the effectiveness and promote the best possible level of service and performance.

“We receive a great volume of information daily in both Chartering and SnP. TELiX Shipbroking Suite handles this information efficiently and facilitate us to search fast and accurately.  TELiX is a valuable tool in our daily transactions and we have found the company to be innovative in addressing our needs. They are ahead of the curve when it comes to broadening the tools and services offered” says Mr. Vasilis Mouyis co-founder of Doric.

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 Evdemon is using Telix on the Cloud for easy message retrieval,
fast and reliable message management and collaboration

Evdemon & Partners is a leading independent Marine Technical Consultancy firm, established in 1975 in Piraeus, Greece, that undertakes marine warranty and casualty surveys worldwide. The company’s team consists of highly qualified Marine Engineers and Naval Architects who combine solid technical expertise with substantial practical experience (seagoing and ship-repair), continuously trained and updated with the latest technological developments. The company has expanded worldwide and occupies offices in Greece, Romania, Turkey, China, Argentina, Germany and Brazil. The company’s mission is to safeguard their principals’ interest worldwide, by providing professional services & expert advice.

Evdemon & Partners in Greece, Turkey and China is using the TELiX suite by LgMAR as its main messaging system in the cloud to combine message reception/submission reliability and collaboration between their offices. “TELiX is helping us to communicate with our correspondents fast and efficiently. The application includes a powerful classification structure for easy message retrieval and is equally reliable and fast in the cloud as it was in our premises” says Mrs. Artemis Evdemon.

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 Ancora is using Telix to manage, organize, file, classify messages
and retrieve any case in zero time

Ancora Investment Trust was founded in 1986 and since managed a variety and number of vessels ranging from Handies to Panamaxes. In 1996, Ancora expanded its activities to the management of tankers.  Today, Ancora with its 50 shore based staff, is recognized as an established and quality international manager offering both technical and commercial services for chemical / product carriers and crude oil tankers. Ancora aims to offer its customers the best services in the area of oil product transportation through a high quality fleet.

Ancora is using TELiX suite by LgMAR and its message management features for shipping to ensure safe and accurate message transmission and reception. Users at Ancora take advantage of TELiX versatility and powerful features of classification to organize and manage email, fax and Telex messages.

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Integration of TELiX Email with SBS ERP
Enables cooperation and efficiency for daily tasks

A.B. Maritime Inc. was incorporated in 1981. The Company has been active in the management and operation of vessels worldwide, mainly in the carriage of bulk cargoes. The principals, their associates and the senior executives of the Company have a long-standing involvement in the industry spanning a period of nearly 40 years, involved in all aspects of shipping.

A.B. Maritime is using TELiX Suite by LgMAR in order to handle its email traffic and ERP needs are covered by SBS Manager Suite by i2QS.

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