A thorough selection process and preparations by
an experienced team result to
a successful email collaboration system and happy users.

NAVARONE attends a wide fleet of handy, handymax and supramax vessels. NAVARONE was established in 1970 and currently has its head office in Athens, Greece.

With more than 40 years of experience and expertise NAVARONE S.A. is well known to the Shipping Industry and enjoys a high reputation amongst fellow companies for its strong integrity and professionalism. The company’s core objectives are the prudent, professional and based on highest HSQE standards management, aiming firstly at seamen’ safety, strict compliance with all international rules and regulations and great emphasis to environmental aspects. As a consequence of its contribution to an extensive New Build program over the last years, Navarone has established itself as one of the key players of the international Bulk Carriers market.

Navarone needed a modern and more efficient email maritime message management system. With more than 50 experienced users, the expectations from a new system were high, the selection process was rigorous, the disruption to their every day work had to be minimal and they needed to migrate a multi-year email history and several thousands of contact details. LgMAR managed to deal with this challenge successfully and the smooth migration from the old system to the Telix platform has been one of the key factors for the fruitful adoption of the new email system. Users were trained in small groups to better serve personal needs/wants. The process followed a carefully prepared plan on how Navarone departments would efficiently operate according to best practices in maritime with Telix. LgMAR on-site helpdesk team provided meaningful assistance and guided each user to take advantage of the new collaboration features and modern tools.

“We had to thoroughly evaluate several systems before deciding to move to the Telix Platform. Our previous email filling structure was complex, based on a vertical departmental/case system with interconnected accessibility and extensive archive of old email messages that had to be partially migrated and restructured. We selected a platform that could combine modern web features, mobility, security and still let our users feel a maritime familiarity. LgMAR team proved to be experienced, maritime market knowledgeable and true professionals in their field; migration was completed smoothly for all users/accounts and the deployment plan was kept with in the iron triangle. OMNi Telix is a well-designed application, support is always on our side and we are more than happy for our decision.” says Konstantinos Sakellakos, Nanarone CIO.


Windows Telix suite of products is the leading maritime Message Management System that introduced electronic messaging in shipping. Windows Telix suite includes functionality for: Fleet Tracking and Performance Monitoring, Vessels' Position List, Orders List, Cargo/Port/Company Information, Voyage Estimation, Investment Appraisal, Laytime Calculation, Vessels Sale and Purchase, Message AutoRead, Remote Access, Archiving, etc.

LgMAR is a software company founded by a team of dedicated experts in computer science and maritime business, to develop highly specialized software in the area of telecommunications. LgMAR is recognized as a leading company in communications software with several hundreds of installations and thousands of satisfied users. Clients are based mainly in Greece, but also in a number of other world regions (Europe, North and South America, Far East, Middle East) mostly in the Shipping related section (Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Brokers, Ship Agents, Operators, Banks, Insurance Brokers, Manning Agents, Transport Companies, etc.)