Seawave Maritime has embraced the cloud-based TELiX platform for their operations

Seawave Maritime is a young shipbroking company, created in 2016, but with vast experience in the shortsea and handy size markets, as brokers, owners and managers. The company is based in Naples, Italy, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea where they have been serving our local and international clients for many years.

Seawave maritime is completely independent of any ship owning or charterers/operators company. Their mission is to provide a tailor-made service giving extraordinary professionalism, providing 24/7 support to clients with the aim of building long term relationships based on trust and accurate information.

Recognizing the limitations of their generic email system that failed to align with shipbrokers' working patterns, Seawave Maritime sought an alternative solution. Their evaluation led them to the comprehensive Telix Shipbroking suite, which encompasses collaborative tools, shared company folders, a common address book, unlimited circular lists integrated with the address book, a modern web interface, document management capabilities, a company calendar, and a fast-accurate email search feature.

Armando Scotto Lavina, the general manager of Seawave Maritime, expresses his satisfaction, stating, "Shipbroking collaboration has surpassed our expectations through the utilization of the TELiX Platform. From the impressive suite of software options offered by LgMAR, we have selected the TELiX OMNi web application, the Position List Shipbroking module, and the convenient iTELiX mobile application. The technical support team at LgMAR Software consistently provides prompt and helpful responses to our inquiries, making our cooperation with them an absolute pleasure."


LgMAR is a software company founded in 1989 by a team of dedicated experts in computer science and maritime business. LgMAR with the TELiX system introduced email to the maritime industry and nowadays is part of a greater TELiX Suite which includes Fleet Tracking and Performance Monitoring, Vessels' Position List, Orders List, Cargo/Port/Company Information and Vessels Sale &Purchase. LgMAR is recognized as a leading company in email software with several hundreds of installations and thousands of satisfied users in Greece, Europe, North and South America, Far East and Middle East.

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