Using unsupported software represents decreased flexibility, decreased benefit and increased risk (Forrester research study).

WT3 users have the benefit of LgMAR's “Total Care Support”.  A team of dedicated experts,  specialized in shipping business, information and communications technology, successfully support more than 4.000 users in Greece and worldwide.

LgMAR’s maritime support helpdesk will train users, answer to questions, troubleshoot email and computer challenges, follow up with your input and requests for enhanced functionality to the development team, guide your company to best take advantage your software investment and add value to your business.

Add one more player to your team with LgMAR’s “Total Care Support”!

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    (+30) 211 7708 711 (3 lines)
   (+30) 210 6771 130 (2 lines)
   (+30) 210 6712 293